8 States Reopens Schools Today After 186 Days Of Closure, Check out

8 States Reopens Schools Today After 6 Months Of Closure, Here Is What You Should Know

Is your state among those that will reopen schools today? If so then I bet you're well-prepared and happy to go back to school even if you are not in school for example a graduate you should be happy for the students, I think I feel the same because this is happening after the closure of schools in Nigeria since 19th March 2020, It is now six (6) months (186 days) since the students stopped their academic activities due to the Coronaviru's pandemic.

Here comes the good news, Eight (8) states in Nigeria are reopening schools today after the states Government have ensured that it is safe to make such decision as warned by the Federal Government and the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 (PTF).

Though we've like fourteen (14) States Government that have announced date for the reopening of schools in their states, Eight of those states are reopening schools today Monday 21st September 2020 and in this article you'll find out those states and my little opinion on the re-opening of schools, if you're one if my followers you can recall that I listed the states that will reopen schools on Monday 21st September 2020.

8 States That Reopen Schools Today

Ekiti JSS 3, SSS 2 and primary 6, Benue state schools, Ogun state schools, kebbi state schools, Schools in Osun State, Oyo state primary and secondary schools, Taraba state primary and secondary schools, Lagos State primary and secondary schools are reopening today as directed by the state government.

There is still one main thing we should know, school reopening doesn't mean that there is no more Covid-19 in Nigeria, it is still around though according to the PTF we're experiencing a goat curve which means it is actually decreasing.

All students, teachers or lecturers should follow the guidelines, protocols put in place to fight the virus, don't forget your face mask, avoid having close contacts with people, some of the state government even encourage a pocket sanitizer which can be carried around to sanitize our hands when we touch surfaces or have any close contacts with people. School owners must ensure all necessary things are put in place before they order the students to resume school.   

If we can recall, following the directive to reopen  school by Governor Babajide Sanwo Olu, the Lagos State Government has said that they will not hesitate to shut schools again if there is a spike in COVID-19 cases after the reopening of schools, so to avoid such occurrence let us all follow the rules and guidelines to prevent us from contracting the virus. We can also remember that Lagos State was the first to announce the full re-opening of schools in the state by Governor Sanwo Olu this inspired more states in the country to do the same thing and shortly after the announcement the Federal Government also okays the full reopening of schools but all guidelines must be followed and the state government must make sure that the students are safe to go back to school.

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