Before You Go Back To School, Do These 5 Things

Are you well-prepared to go back to school and continue your academic activities after 6 months of schools closure in Nigeria? If your state government is yet to announce the resumption date for schools to reopen you must start preparing too so that it won't catch you off guard.

We all thought schools will only be shut down for few weeks or two months, we thought the Coronavirus pandemic will not stay long like the Ebola pandemic but our predictions were wrong instead it is still with us after 6 months.

Schools can't be closed forever, so the Federal Government have to find a way to reopen schools amid the pandemic, in the month of August the Federal Government okays the reopening of schools in Nigeria, but they warned all the state government to make sure that the children are safe to go back to class before announcing the resumption date for schools, the Federal Government also said that all Covid-19 safety protocols must be observed.

  • Using if face mask
  • Washing of hands and applying if hand sanitizer
  • Social distancing and more.

Now up to 16 state government have announced the date for reopening of schools in their states, the question is “are you well-prepared to go back to school.”


1. Get Your state or Tertiary Institution New Academic Calendar: Upon the announcement of resumption date in some states the state government and management of schools has published and approved a new academic calendar, the academic calendar will show the students how all academic activities are scheduled.

2. Make A New Personal Timetable For Reading:

Schools was shut down for months and all the things that should have been done will be carried out in a short period of time, to cut the story short, the academic calendar will be fast so you need to prepare yourself in the same pace, make a personal timetable for reading to prepare well ahead if examination. 

3. Get Off Distraction: In the long unprepared holiday, you might have engaged in one or two things that is now taking most of your time, you need to suspend it for now or limit the time you're using on it, schools are now open and it should be the priority.

4. Buy some pocket sanitizers and face mask

The Coronavirus pandemic is still with us and whether you like it or not you must at least get face mask and I will advise you to get like a pack so you can change them often. If you did not use your face mask you won't be allowed to go inside the school so you should avoid any kind of embarrassment. You should get a pocket sanitizer too most students love to shake hands, apply the sanitizer after shaking hands or after touching any surface, let us stay safe.

5. Set your goal for the academic session: This can relate to the point where I said you should draw out a new timetable for reading, you should also set your goal for example you want to have straight A's in your examination and nothing less than 3Gp, set your goal and aim high it helps a lot.

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