[email protected]: How far have we gone?

 Nigeria @60yrs: How far have we gone?

Today Nigeria celebrate it's Independence Day. Many years ago Nigeria was being ruled by Colonial Master . Lord Lugard was the first Governor if Nigeria and his wife gave her the Nigeria which means"People living in the Niger Area" .

Nigeria were under several Colonial Masters before the 1960 after the motion for Self rule/ Independence was achieved. 

On the First of October 1960, Nigeria became a country ruling themselves no longer under the leadership of Colonial Masters. The colonial Master were Exploiting all the Nature Resources and left nothing for use so Nigeria had to fight for their Independence.

     Nigeria has made October first a public holiday in the calendar year to both mark and celebrate it's Independence. Since the Independence, Nigeria has been ruling itself and Example of such Governor are;The Great Obafemi Awolowo,Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Ahmadu Bello,Aguyi Irosi, Gowon,Muritala Mohammed , etc. Those are examples of past Nigeria Leaders who fought for the right of their people and also contributed in promoting the Development of Nigeria.

    Although Nigeria is celebrating her Independence today, not so many people are happy, some see Independence day not worth celebrating. Is Nigeria moving forward or otherwise? How far have grown Economically? Are the Educational sector developing? How about our Supremacy of the Rule of Law? Is it still Supreme or some are already above the Laws? Student are graduating every year, how fast are they being employed? 

     So many say Nigeria is regressing because it has not made live easy for them. So many graduate are on the road looking for jobs, only those with connection can secure a job easily.

It's so sad Nigeria is growing Economically but not Developing at all. Nigeria is a country richly bless with Natural resources like Crude oil,Tin,Gold, etc but the people still live in hardship. Feeding three times in a day is very difficult.

       So then it Nigeria is Richly bless with Natural resources,why is life difficult for its people? Why are the roads bad? Why can't there be a stable Electricity? If Nigeria who is growing crude oil still be selling petroleum products in high prices to the people? Our Education sector are eating up? Our fore- Governors stated well so why should we be lacking?

       Nigeria is the pace center of Corruption in the African Nations. Our leaders are corrupt ? They have gathered the money meant for the whole Nation into their bossom. How far is this going to continue? Should our younger generation perish? Who will stand up and correct this Embezzlement of our leaders? Where are the progress of the work of Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe ? They develped Nigeria so why can't the present leaders do so? Corruption,Greed, Embezzlement of Funds,etc has taken over them.


        Is Nigeria worth celebrating? Are we progressing and how far have we gone? This should  be the Questions on each and every political office holders mind. Let us serve this Nation with strength, heart and mind as a one Nation bound in freedom so peace and Unity could reign.

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